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Our current product range has everything you need to Get Up and Get Out!

We know that Getting Up and Getting Out can be difficult. We know that work, kids, the weather and everything else around and in between this can hinder your motivation and dedication. That’s why the products we offer in our online store are there to support and motivate you, proving that it doesn’t matter how much you do, a little adds up to a lot, so just make sure you take that first step!
Read some of our customer stories and see how they stayed motivated using our products on our Community Page.

Health is important to us here at Get Up and Get Out with 62.9% of the UK population now overweight or obese and the average weight of both men and women going up each year, we want to try encourage change. We know that trying to be healthier and more active can be difficult. It can be scary trying to change your lifestyle and a lot of consumers think it is going to be expensive, but we want to support you!

Get Up and Get Out want to show you that you don’t need to join a gym or buy fancy workout gear. All you need to do is open your front door and step out. Do it alone, do it with your friends or do it with your family, we are not asking you to run a marathon, we’re simply helping you to take those first steps to Get Up and Get Out.

If you need some help along the way, we have activity trackers so you can monitor and track your progress and keep yourself motivated! Just see how our activity trackers helped our other customers .

Our product range has the perfect accessories to support you to Get Up and Get Outdoors. Whether you are taking a walk into the countryside or spending the day at your local park, Get Up and Get Out have just the accessory for you.

See how our incredible range of outdoor products have helped others when they are out and about by visiting our community page.